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Our Company ......

Lifework is a fast growing wholly Malaysian owned recruitment company specialised in permanent placement and temporary staffing services as well as a number of complementary employment related   services such as payrolling and training. Lifework is a licensed employment agency registered with the Ministry Of Human Resources, Malaysia (JTK 2030)

Our Vision ......

Recruitment Partner of Choice.

Our Mission ......

Quality Services above all.

Our Focus ......

Lifework aimed to achieve a leading market position in the provision of professional and executive recruitment in sectors such as finance, accounting, material management and purchasing, office administration, sales and marketing, human resources, engineering and production, logistics and information technology.


Lifework advocate firmly that each individual should engage seriously in pursue of their own life’s work. Only when ones found their life’s work, absolute and lasting success in various forms will follows through. Ones will be able to do their dream work and still enjoy it decades down the road without feeling being burn out. Imagine if your hobby is your work and thus your daily work is certainly full of enjoyable moments to be cherished. Golfing is his Tiger wood’s life work, what is yours?


In any organisation human resources deployment context, your right employees are your biggest and most important asset and will make all the difference. When these right people are being placed at the right job match where they have at least significant level of strong interest ( and potentially be developed into a passion career they enjoy working on for their life time ), organisation will be able to reap the fruit of higher productivity, efficiency and enjoy greater lasting success.


The behaviour of those staff working on their life’s work are very distinctive working behaviour which includes full of initiative, creative, self motivated, able to work long hours continuously yet not being burn out, always looking for better ways to get things done, open minded to challenge status quo and most significant behaviour is that they are totally immerse in their work and enjoy it every moment. In summary, they put their heart and soul in the job they engaged with and their work become a way of life. They are not working purely for money or survival. They are fulfilling their much higher needs above pure monetary or status rewards. It is their passion they sought after to fulfil. They normally serve a cause greater than themselves. Monetary or status rewards are just a by product in pursue of this greater cause than themselves.


Be it individually or in any organisation human resources deployment context, lasting success can only be possible when we encourage, cultivate, pursue furiously the realisation of ones full potential which lead to life’s work attainment. Start today your journey to discover what your life’s work is! It is with this advocate that Lifework aimed to add value to your very own HR solutions be it in the context of contract staffing or permanent recruitment needs.