Rapid response to our customer’s fluctuation workforce requirements is a key component in helping them to compete effectively in an ever-changing economy where flexibility is everything.

At the core of our contractual business, we aimed to enhance our business relationships with our customers by providing them with flexibility, efficiency and highest quality services that they rely on us to deliver.

With Lifework, your organisation benefits from:


  • Flexibility for clients
  • Addresses headcount limitation
  • Time and cost saving
  • Managing liability and contractual obligations
  • Allowed clients to focus on their business core competency
  • Managed business and staffing fluctuation needs
  • Temp to Perm possibilities
  • Increased retention ratio
  • Consistency in quality across all services provided

Lifework provides services to employers looking forward to simplify, streamline or consolidate their temporary recruitment provision. 


We are committed to being innovative in our service offering to ensure you receive on time response plus staffing solutions customised to meet your unique organisation needs. In today’s competitive business environment, most of the organisation maintain at minimum 15% to 25% of contractual or temporary staffing to meet the challenges of business demand fluctuation.


This approach allows organisation to keep their permanent workforce performance at peak by using right mix of temporary, contract and permanent staffing ratio.


Find out today, what is your organisation needs on this right mix ratio to strike for highest organisation performance achievement ?

Temp to Perm Services

Recruitment Services Based on a Deep Understanding of Skills and Suitability. 

This is a service where temporary staff, after a predetermined period of employment, may choose to become a permanent full-time employee if both the staff and the client company agree. During the temporary staffing period, the client company will be able to assess the candidate’s skills and approach to his or her work, and the prospective employee will be able to better understand his or her responsibilities and the nature of the workplace environment. Please use this service as a means of avoiding “employment mismatches”.


In this system a worker is sent out as a temporary employee for a prescribed period of time, with the understanding that the person may eventually be hired directly as a full-time or contract employee by the client company. At the end of the pre-agreed trial period, if the employee decides that he or she “wishes to continue working here,” and the client in turn decides that “we would like for this employee to stay,”-in other words, if both the job-seeking and job-recruiting parties agree, then an employment agreement becomes possible. The advantages of this system is that workers are able to use a temporary-employment arrangement to experience a work environment and thus gauge for him or herself whether the job is what was desired, and to develop a deeper understanding of the unique characteristics of a company before deciding whether to pursue a career path as a full-time or contract employee.

The “Temp to Perm” system helps eliminate the problem of employment “mismatches”, so that workers can find “a company I enjoy working for,” and companies can find “employees that fit our organisation.